Saturday, August 24, 2013

Caru' cu bere, Bucharest

Caru' cu bere is one of the oldest beerhouses in Bucharest, started in 1879. It is situated in the centre in the crowded pedestrian street of Bucharest. The cooking type is Romanian, and the place was always full, made it hard to find a table at dinner. Since I m not used in Romanian cuisine, and I know little about it, this post will be one of my shortest.

Bean soup, with smoked bacon served in a bread bowl. Very good. 


Squash stuffed with minced meat, tomato sauce, served with sour cream. Pretty good.

Pork canned in lard, fried and served with polenta (called mamaliga) and cabbage. Bad 

Chicken breast, pork fillet, Viennese sausage, minced meat rolls, smoked sausage, turkey breast served with baked potatoes with bacon and red onion. Good

Pan fried crepes filled with cherry jam. Good

The interior is very impressive, so I would suggest that you take a table indoors and not outside the restaurant. The service is fast and polite and the price very reasonable.  

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