Saturday, September 21, 2013

Acropolis museum, Athens

The museum is located near the ring pedestrian road by the Acropolis. Opened in 2009, it has an area of 25.000 square meters (270.000sqft), with 14.000sqm (150.000sqft) of exhibition space. I will only post some photos I took while I visit it, -all from the second floor as we were not allowed to use a camera on the main floor which had the best exhibits of the museum-, and you can see full details in the link Acropolis Museum Official Site .

I liked it so much that I went twice in two days. The architecture is spot on, the view is spectacular and so are the exhibits. What I think really stands out is how they managed to make it get all the necessery lighting naturally just from the sun. 

There is a cafe on the second floor, with soft drinks and Greek food. It was both days full of tourists.   

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