Sunday, August 18, 2013

Paul, bakery and patisserie

Paul, the famous bakery and patisserie chain from France started at 1889 in Croix a town near Lille. Now there are stores in every corner of the world, some of the them in high end streets of city centres, others on train stations and so on. 

Paul Bucharest 

I have visited Paul's stores in some countries. The quality is on the same level in all stores, but the pricing may differ between them. While being around the world, if you want to eat something french, like croissants, pain au chocolat, artisan bread, tarts, macarons and so on you can go to Paul, as a safe choice, but in France I m afraid not. In any French city there are bakeries and patisseries to do something better. 

Paul's burger. Very good with full meat flavor patty, excellent sauce inside, artisan bread but bad french fries.

Kisch lorraine with chicken and mushrooms. 

Eclair au chocolat. The first time, the choux pastry was a little bit burned(!), the second it was just good. 

Tarte au rhubarbe

Melon tarte, good with nice butter base. A mango tarte was also nice.

Croissant. Very good

Macarons were good, in taste and texture but nowhere near as good as at Laduree, my benchmark in macaroons.    

The best pastry I had from Paul was a choux pastry filled with chantilly cream and raspberries. Also dont miss the caneles.

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