Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mavri Thalassa Thessaloniki, revisited

Second time in Mavri Thalassa. You can see my first post here .

Greek salad, tomatoes, cucumber, onions with extra virgin olive oil.

Fried zucchini balls, yogurt deep with dill.

Hand cut, fresh french fries. 

Eggplant salad, with tomatoes and onions. 

Fresh roasted calamari, about 300 gr. Excellent

Fried calamari. 


Roasted sardines in extra virgin olive oil. Perfect.

A 500gr slice of a 5kg white grouper. Forget the turbot, this is the king of all fishes. 

Dessert, treat of the restaurant.

My impressions were as last time there. Everything was very good with some dishes really standing out, like the amazing roasted sardines and the white grouper that couldn't get any better than this. It is not just the fish. The vegetables and the olive oil were top notch too as expected. The phrase ''less is more'' couldn't be more suitable.  

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Chocolat, Bucharest

There are 6 chocolat boutiques in Bucharest. I visited the one that is right next to Cara cu bere . You will find it as a patisserie-bar-restaurant.

It may be called Chocolat but you ll find more that just chocolate. Many french oriented pastries are in the catalogue, such as macarons, ispahan etc.

We tried a chocolate eclair and a millefeuille. The eclair was really nice with a chocolate choux pastry and most importantly freshly made.

The millefeuille was tasty but a bit soggy in the puff pastry. This can easily be the case in every pastry shop that doesnt compose it after it s been ordered, like the amazing Jacques Genin does. 

There is hot chocolate with different flavours including pepper or chilli.

We took some chocolates to take away and some macarons. Chocolates were good, macarons on the other hand were not. The flavours are quite ambitious, you can find carrot, orange and mint, jasmin or black truffle.The problem was in their texture being chewy and dry.