Friday, August 12, 2016

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

This Ferrari themed Disneyland located in Yas Island in Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates opened in 2010. It holds some world records, one for the biggest space frame structure ever build and one for the fastest roller coaster the Formula Rossa that reaches 240km/h (or 150mph).

The park covers a space of 86.000 sqm or 925.000 sqft.

Except from the roaller coasters, you will find many Ferrari themed attractions, some ferrari stores with many memorabilia, cafes, vintage ferrari cars. 

A panoramic photo of the vast interior
Here it is the famous Formula Rossa.  

Inside photos. Starting with the F12 we saw as we entered.

Some attraction photos. 

Ferrari Cafe, Eclair au chocolat.

F1 cars and vintage cars.

What you can see and buy in the ferrari stores.

Photos taken by Iphone 7 Plus Jet Black

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