Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Extravaganza, Thessaloniki

A medium sized bar-restaurant a few minutes walk from the city centre, in a quite street near Egnatia and place Antigonidon opened about 2 years ago.

The interior, minimal industrial, smelled truffle from the time we got into. The menu, only a la carte, consists of a dozen plates, fish, meat and pasta with some salads and starters.

As we were 5, we tasted quite a lot of plates, about half of what was on the menu.

A salad, variety of greens and rocket, with orange and blue cheese was amazing.

French fries were superb. You can choose from 4 different kinds of them, plain with sea salt, with feta cheese, Parmesan and truffle oil or with minced meat and eggs. Fries were crisp and delicious, so maybe the plain dish will be the best.

Pan fried cheese with sesame and honey was very good too.

To drink we had a bottle of Διλοφος (Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot) by Tselepos.

Moving on to the main courses we had 2 pasta and 3 meat dishes.
Fried chicken pane was tender and flavorful with a mayonnaise sauce and lime.

Beef tagliata with chocolate flavor and rocket was good but not as tender as I would like, maybe it was a bit overcooked.

Beef stake with rose pepper.

Casarecce with ham, broccoli and Parmesan in a white sauce was just ok.

Tortellini with cheese was delicious but quite a small portion.

For dessert some amazing orange pie with vanilla ice cream was offered by the house. What an amazing dessert.

The restaurant has already made a big success and I can see why. The chef is creative, the quality of ingredients is there, the combinations well thought off. I would like to revisit it, I just hope they reduce the amount of the overpowering truffle oil everywhere.

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