Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mia Feta, feta bar, Thessaloniki

Mia Feta, feta bar is a family run bar-restaurant in the centre of Thessaloniki. As it appears in the name, it's all about feta cheese. You can buy dairy products during the day so it also works as a ''fromangerie''.  

There is big wooden table inside with about a dozen or so seats, plus some small tables outside in the sidewalk. 

The menu (not so extensive, but not small either) consists of dishes based on feta cheese. 

Melon soup served cold with goat cream cheese, black pepper, acrocolio (salted pig's leg) and ouzo froth. The combination may sound odd, but if you think of it, this is common in Italy, (melon with prosciutto). 

Mpatsos cheese with lime.

Chicken fingers with pistachio and feta cheese dip. Very good. 

Ravioli, filled with feta cheese and mushrooms and mushroom foam.  Nicely al dente cooked and flavorful.    

There are also many interesting wines to choose from by glass. We had Sigalas Vinsanto Santorini 2004 at about 3,5 euros for 50ml, a wine I was trying to find for quite a lot of time (scored 95 points from Robert Parker). 

14, Pavlou Mela str

Mia Feta website

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