Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Da Vinci, Hotel Nikopolis, Thessaloniki

Second post for DaVinci restaurant, (you can see my first post here )

DaVinci is the main restaurant (can seat up to 120 diners) of the hotel Nikopolis, a small distance out of Thessaloniki. The cooking is Italian, as is the whole menu.
The executive chef is Stefanos Stamidis.
There is a big salle inside and a big terrace with views on the hotel's  vast swimming pool.

The only option in my last meal was to go a la carte as no set menus were available.

We started with bread, butter and an amuse bouche. Bread was of many different kinds (baguette, brown, with tomatos etc) came hot and all of them were very good. Butter was served with pink pepper and fleur de sel. The amuse bouche semi cooked salmon with cucumber and sesame was the bad part of the meal, The combination could work well if the salmon hadn't got such strong fish flavor, like it was not very fresh. 

Next, the pizza with thin crispy base and 4 different types of cheese, some rocket leaves and tomato or beetroot based jam on top.

Beef cheeks with cheese filled cannelloni and rocket were very tender and tasty. The flavorful wine sauce was excellent. 

Linguine with tomato sauce and seafood was generously portioned as you can see in the photo below. Calamari, mussels, clams and prawns. I liked how the taste of the seafood was not overpowered by the tomato.

The first dessert, The olive. Edible chocolate bowl filled with lemon and thyme cream, white chocolate, bites of olives comfit and dark chocolate sorbet. Very good 

Jivara milk chocolate tortino with hazelnut praline and passion fruit sorbet. 

There is a big wine list with wines from many countries and prices up to 3 digits. There were also some options for wine by the glass, 2 Greek red wines, a Sauternes, porto etc.

I would easily say that this is one of the best Italian restaurants in Thessaloniki. 

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