Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pierre Marcolini, Haute chocolaterie

When I made a post about my favorite chocolatiers I put Marcolini in the first place. Since then I tried chocolate from many other chocolatiers and I would still put Pierre Marcolini to the top with Z Chocolat and Jacques Genin alongside. 

Seeing chocolate as a grand cru wine, every year he travels to the most famous chocolate producing areas like Latin America, Mexico, Madagascar, Trinity Islands etc to find and collect beans from rare crus and small producers. The beans are then transferred to Belgium, in Brussels to get roasted and blended according to his taste. 

Marcolini has opened boutiques in France, Monaco, Japan, Kuwait and London except his numerous boutiques in Belgium. His newest is on 235 rue Saint Honore in Paris.  

Every month he creates a new limited flavored macaron. For August it was La tomate (!). Not the everyday tomato. A small one from Sicily, just 3cm long, named Datterino. A sweet delight paired with basil. I found aromas of lime, vanilla and pepper. The texture was airy on par with Laduree and Pierre Herme. The combination of flavors was working very well. That was in fact one of the best macarons I have ever tasted. 

Pierre Marcolini La tomate

Also what is worth seeing is the way these macarons were packaged and shipped from Belgium. Attention to detail at its best. The package can maintain the temperature between 8 and 18 celsius for 48 hours. 


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