Monday, December 24, 2012


Zchocolat makes chocolates since 1999, selling them only online, shipping in 244 countries worldwide. Their chocolate is the result of their collaboration with Pascal Caffet, a master chocolatier, who once became ''Meilleur Ouvrier de France''. He has created 26 recipes for zchocolat's numbered chocolates, 0-24 and their z piece.

After tasting all of their 26 chocolates, I can tell they are superb. This is how the chocolate should be. Once you open the box you get all the aromas from the different pure origin chocolates. Every ganache has silky tecture and very distinctive flavour. There is a small booklet in the package describing every piece.

Every product used on making this chocolate has a name of origin. There is 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate, 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate, Piedmont hazelnuts, Valencia almonds, Iranian pistachios, coffe beans from Kenya and Nicaragua, Sri Lankan coconut, Vietnamise star anise and so on.

I chose a wooden presentation box in basswood, which is handmade in France. It had their 2 assortments. The most I liked their flagship Z chocolate which combines salted caramel and crunchy praline from roasted hazelnuts, the number 12 with the sesame seeds, the 20 with the silky chocolate, orange flavoured, ganache, the 21 with licorice ginger and more,  and the 24 honey milk chocolate ganache. The ones with violet and lavender had also exceptional taste. The only one that didnt work out well for me was the one filled with mango and passion fruit. I think it is a matter of preferences.

This chocolate comes with a price, but you really get some of the best chocolate you can find worldwide, nicely presented, with very good customer service. I only wish they didnt charge extra for customization options like, choosing your personal selection of chocolates(!) or having something posted or engraved on the package or card. 

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