Friday, August 7, 2015

La Distillerie, (*)

La Distillerie is the main restaurant of the the Chateau de Bourglinster, alongside a brasserie with tables outside. It is located inside the castle on an upper floor overlooking the village and forest all around. 

Reaching the restaurant can be quite tricky for non Luxembourgish residents. It is located some 12 km out of the city centre. The Chef Rene Mathieu has been awarded one Michelin star and 18 points from the Gault Millau. 

You can opt for a 4-6 course menu, a lunch menu which is available in weekdays and Saturday or go a la carte. The restaurant is also open on Sunday.

We started with some amuse bouche. A tube with melon flavored water was intense and refreshing, a melon gelee and a cactus leaf with caipirinha which I found a bit bitter and acidic. 

Bread was of three kinds. Baguettes, olive and cereal buns. The olives bread was very good. 

More amuse bouche followed. The shell filled with creme fraiche was the best one, the smoked mackerel was also very good. Next a rich foie gras piece covered with chocolate, a lime sorbet and a carrot and courcouma semi sphere with liquid interior. 

The starter was a selection of many varieties of tomatos. The red mullet in the center was nicely cooked a la plancha on one side with crispy skin. The acidity of the tomatos was cutting through the richness of the fish. Many herbs, flowers as you can see were used pretty much on every plate. 

The main course, duck with foie gras, black rice crackers, smoked eggplant with cherries and blackberries and mousse of banana and eggplant. The duck had nice flavor although was overcooked to almost well done. Every element was working nicely except from the banana-eggplant mousse that was not to my taste. 

The dessert, Detente parfumee, Jean Paul-Gaultier Classique eau d'ete 2015 was based on the notes of the fruity floral fragrance. It was presented with a small pot of dry ice and the fragrance to cover all senses. « Elle s’ouvre sur des notes de citron, clémentine, orchidée et rose En son cœur on retrouve du jasmin Le fond est ambré, vanillé et sublimé par une note musc ».
You can see, matcha sponge cake, mandarin sorbet, panacota, Jasmin, lime. 

The other dessert, Saveurs du jardin, a citrus fruit infused creme brulee with seasonal fruits. herbs, meringue and sorbet. 

The service was attentive, the minimal decor was comfortable with well spaced tables and modern music on the background. 

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