Monday, February 16, 2015

Patrick Roger, Chocolatier

Patrick Roger, the famous Parisian chocolatier first started in Sceaux, a suburban area in the south of Paris. Beginning at the age of 15, he became Meullieur Ouvrier de France in 2000.   

Even thought his workshop is still in Sceaux, alongside with two boutiques, he has recently opened many more in central Paris. 6 to be excact, in posh areas of the capital like Faubourg de Saint Honore, Saint Germain and Madeleine. There is also one boutique outside of France, in Brussels. 

All Patrick Roger boutiques are ultra modern, minimalistic, full of chocolate sculptures and turqoise meter long boxes reminding the famous ones from Tiffany & Co. 

Many of the ingredients that are used for the ganaches and every other creation come from his own garden right next to the workshop. Lemongrass, peppermint, thyme, sage, borage, even some beehives.

The chocolate was velvety in texture with strong cacao aromas covering with a thin layer the amazing ganaches. Some of them that stood out for me were the pate d'amande et chocolat noir or marzipan and walnut chocolate, the Jasmine blossom, the peppermint and lemongrass. Orangettes were good too. 

What I thought was the best are this colourful chocolate orbs. There are quite a few different flavors and here you can see the green one with liquid caramel and lime and the orange with salted butter caramel and honey. The chocolate cover was extremely thin. 

There was also a thin chocolate bar down in the box below the chocolates. 

The price is up there with their competitors in the top tier, but I think it's worth it. There are only a handful of other options playing this high with chocolate in Paris. 

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