Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Alfredos Grand Dining, Revisited

After many visits to Alfredo's and Alfredo's Garden, you can see the information in my other posts here (1) , (2) , (3) . I ll only post about the new dishes for winter.

You can find 3 menus, at 19, 25 and 29 euros. The first and the second with 3 courses and the third with 4. All menus, inclusive of one or two glasses of wine from Greece.

As this may help anyone who wants to visit the restaurant and its mostly residents of Thessaloniki, I think it is better to post in Greek too. 

We started with bread and olive oil. Bread was of four different kinds, brioche, brown bread with olives, corn bread and multi grain bread. 

Κανελόνι τόνου με σος αγριορέπανου, βότανα κ αφρό λεμονιού. 
Cannelloni filled with tuna, horseradish sauce, lemon foam. 


Βελουτέ παντζαριού, χτένια. (Αντι του πρώτου)
Beetroot veloute, saint Jacques. (Instead of the tuna canelloni)

Ριζότο με μελάνι σουπιάς, χτένια, βελουτέ θαλασσινών, αυγά σολομού-πέστροφας.
Risotto with squid ink, saint jacques, seafood veloute, salmon and trout eggs.  

Λαβράκι φιλέτο με ρίζες λαχανικών και αφρό φέτας, πουρέ σέλινου και καρυδέλαιο.
Sea bass fillet with root vegetables, feta cheese foam, celery puree and walnut oil.

Μους λευκής σοκολάτας με νιφάδες πορτοκαλιού σφαίρα σοκολάτας και παγωτό σοκολάτα-βιολέτα. 
White chocolate mousse, orange, chocolate and chocolate-Violette ice cream.  

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