Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Philippe Rigollot, Patissier-Chocolatier

Philippe Rigollot is a pastry and chocolate maker, holding a Mellieur Ouvrier de France title and has worked in many famous restaurants and patisseries. He started at Lenotre, then went to Pre Catalan, and later to Anne Sophie Pic. 

His patisserie is in a quiet small square near the centre of Annecy, making it a bit hard to find as a tourist, but easily accesible for anyone who knows it. 

We tried the hot chocolate inticated as ''fait maison''. It was fairly good and rich, but not as much as for example Angelina's. The price if I remember correctly was 1.50 euros for the small one and 3.50 for the big. 

The eclairs were both very fresh and very tasty. The vanilla macarons on the other hand were not, being a bit chewy and dull. 


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